Princess 112380 Sušicka ovoce, zeleniny

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Make delicious, healthy, and natural snacks at home and keep your food waste to a minimum with the Princess 112380 Food Dehydrator. This essential appliance in your kitchen can dehydrate fruit, vegetables, herbs and fish so they retain their full flavors and nutrients. The Princess Food Hydrator has six stackable levels and an adjustable temperature.

Dehydrating food is healthy and delicious
The Princess Food Dehydrator only extracts water from any food type, and leaves all the nutrients and enzymes intact. This ensures your food stays as healthy as when it was fresh. Products that contain lots of natural sugar like fruit and tomatoes get even sweeter when dehydrated without the need to add any sweeteners. Perfect for healthy snacks for your kids and yourself.

Low Energy Usage
Even though you could dehydrate food in your oven, the Princess Food Dehydrator offers you many benefits once you discover the joy of dehydrating. The Food Dryer is a low energy consumption alternative as its temperature can be set much lower then your conventional oven. You can stack up to six layers together and dry food at the same time without the flavours interfering. Just take into account that you combine food with the same dehydrating time at the same level.

Conserve almost anything
All foods that contain water can be dehydrated. Taking the moisture out of food means that the bacteria that cause products to go bad cannot do their thing and your produce will be conserved for many months if stored in a glass jar or airtight container. Next to dehydrating fruit, vegetables and fish, you can even dehydrate flowers and herbs with the Princess Food Dehydrator. It is also the best way to crisp up soggy crisps and popcorn that have gone a little bit stale.

What’s in the box:
Princess Food Dehydrator, six stackable layers, lid, instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Princess Food Dehydrator:

Stop food waste and preserve food up to one year thanks to dehydrating
Adjustable thermostat so you can dry at the ideal and constant low temperature
Six individual dehydration trays so you dehydrate multiple foods at once
Suitable for fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers & homemade pasta
Prepare the best healthy and delicious snacks without additives and conservatives